• Script

(The episode starts with Timmy working frustratingly on his geography homework)

  • Timmy: Man, this geography homework is impossible. Where's America?! All I can find in this stupid globe is USA!! (Pronounces U.S.A. as a single word rather than an acronym)
  • Cosmo: Why don't you just wish for a super brain!
  • Wanda: Uh, I wouldn't do that, sport. Remember the last time?

(Flashback to a school day, Mr. Crocker hands out test sheets to the students)

  • Mr. Crocker: Okay, children, you have 12 minutes to finish that pop quiz. FAIRIES!!
  • Timmy: Man, I can't fail this test. I wish I had a super brain!

(Timmy's wish has been granted -- SUPER-BRAIN!)

  • Cosmo: Hey, isn't that the brain signal?

(The "brain signal" is a picture of a brain in a beacon light shining in the sky. The top of Timmy's head opens like a hatch, revealing a superhero brain.)

  • Super-Brain: This looks like a job for... SUPER-BRAIN!!

(Super-Brain flies away, leaving Timmy just lying his head on his desk and drooling with a stupid look on his face)

  • Wanda: I'll get a drool mop.

(Back to the present....)

  • Mr. Turner: This is cubic Zirconium! It’s really inexpensive even though it looks like a real diamond! But don’t tell your mother.
  • Mrs. Turner: Don’t tell me what?
  • Mr. Turner: Uh, How much I love you?
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