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Mr. Turner: I'm out of here.
[Mr. Turner falls off the window]
Mr. Turner: Ha! Now I'm out!

Wanda: Isn't there anybody else you'd like to make smarter? Anybody at all? That rhymes with "Josmo"?

Mrs. Turner: Still can't see, Daaaaaaaaaaa!

Superbrain: This looks like a job for Superbrain!

Mrs. Turner: I can't see!

Scientists: Love? Is that an emotion?

Robot: Love... does not compute [head explodes]

Repair Robot: [holding the other robot's head] Sadness? Sadness does not compute! [heads explode]
[All but one scientist explode]
Scientist: Hmm, you may have a point... [explodes]

Wanda: Here's another J word for you. Jidiot!

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