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Skip Sparkypants
Imagen Stock de Skip.png
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Teenager
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Singer and Dancer
  Chip Skylark
Timmy Turner
  To unseat Chip Skylark and show everyone that sparky pants beat shiny teeth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Shiny Teeth
Last Appearance:
  Shiny Teeth
Voiced by:
Chris Kirkpatrick

Skip Sparkypants is a rival of Chip Skylark. He has sparky pants as opposed to Chip Skylark having shiny teeth. 


Skip Sparkypants was introduced as Chip Skylark's rival and competitor. He’s basically a palette-swapped version of Chip Skylark, dresses the same, has the same voice, and speaks in the same mannerisms. The only other difference is his habit of frequently saying outdated lingoes such as "word" and "yo" at the beginning and end of his sentences. He is highly egotistical, arrogant and obnoxious, while Chip is the opposite of that.


He looks and talks exactly like Chip Skylark, only his hair is blond and his outfit colors are reversed. This is probably a knock on all boy band singers being the same. They called him Sparkypants because of his red pants that shine with glitter. He also wears white underwear that shine with glitter. Chip says his pants are sparky and his teeth are weak.


Skip Sparkypants appeared as a rival and competitor of Chip Skylark in the episode "Shiny Teeth", appearing on Teeth TV with host Brad Cuspidor. Although he tried to accost Chip, he was blinded by Chip's shiny teeth and ended up crashing into Brad instead. Later on, after Chip's teeth were stolen by Dr. Bender, Skip attempted to usurp Chip's place on the pop charts, but he was delayed by Cosmo and Wanda who turned into dogs and stole Skip's namesake pants out of his room while he was changing, and then ripping them apart along with his underwear. Skip was thus unable to perform, giving Timmy Turner enough time to retrieve and return Chip's stolen teeth to him and perform the song, "My Shiny Teeth and Me".


  • Both characters, Chip Skylark and Skip Sparkypants are voiced by Nsync member, Chris Kirkpatrick.
  • He’s a reference to early video games having the same monsters and/or bosses, but with different colors (palette swapping).
  • He also has Shiny Underwear, as revealed in his only appearance before Cosmo and Wanda ripped them.
  • It has been theorized that he’s Chip's twin brother. That is unlikely however, as Chip is 21 and Skip is supposedly only a teenager. It’s possible that they could be related in other ways.

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