Wanda: Oh Hillary, how could you put up with him?!

Tom Sawyer: As they say in Missouri, I ain't goin back to Missouri!

Cosmo: What do you wanna do Timmy? Wish for snow cones? Wish for World Peace? Wish for snow cones?

Wanda: But Timmy, reading is...
Cosmo: For suckers without Fairy Godparents.

Timmy Turner: Can we get out of here? I'm learning again.

Timmy: [referring to the book "Astrophysics for Morons"] Also boring! Who cares about the laws of physics?
Cosmo: Uhh... the physics police?

Timmy: A 500 page book report?
Elmer: That sounds like fun! [everyone gives him a mean look]

Timmy: Wait a minute. He went into "Moby Dick", then "Frankenstein", then "Tarzan"-
Cosmo: Lord of the Drapes!
Wanda: He's going down the books I poofed up for you!
Timmy: And the last book is..."Astrophysics for Morons"! Guys, we gotta stop him!
Cosmo: What for? So, he gets into a physics book. What's the worse that could happen?
Timmy: Cosmo, don't you get it? [scenes changes to show what would happen if Tom changes anything that is in the book] He could turn gravity into gravy! He could turn the planets in plants! [scene changes back to Timmy and his godparents going through the bookstream]
Wanda: He could turn Uranus into... Oh my gosh! We gotta stop him!
Cosmo: What? I don't get it. What's the threat?

Jason and The Pussycats:
North, south, east, west
We've got tattoos on our chest! [all of the band members show their bare chests however we then see that one member does not have a tatoo on his chest like the other two]
Except for Larry!

Timmy: (returning from the End of the Summer Carnival) Cosmo! I bought you a snow cone! But it sort of melted... in my mouth... sort of.

Timmy: [inside "Frankenstein"] It's the Frankenstein monster... truck?!
Scientist: It's alive! It's alive! And it gets 3 miles to the gallon!

Tom Sawyer: [to the Mouse from "Rats from Spats"] You ain't the boss of me! And I don't take orders from a rat in clown shoes! [muffled laugh]

Mouse: [to Tom Sawyer inside "Rats of Spats"] WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SHOES, PUNK!??! [Mouse's spats become huge and he lifts up his foot and sends it crashing down on Tom Sawyer]
Tom: That's going to leave a mark! [Tom is then crushed by Mouse's foot and we then see a SPLAT! taking up the screen for a brief moment. Cosmo's wand flys out of Tom's hand and back into Cosmo's]

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