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The Seemingly Harmless Plant
Species: Man-Eating Alien
Personal Information
  Planet of Seemingly Harmless Plants
  Timmy Turner
Trixie Tang
  Eating people
  To eat anyone
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Class Clown
Last Appearance:
  Class Clown

The Seemingly Harmless Plant was a gift that Timmy Turner got from the Planet of Seemingly Harmless Plants for Trixie Tang. Unfortunately, it was really an alien monster that had a taste for flesh and it could grow at a fast pace.


This innocent looking budding plant looks harmless at first, but when it is taken from its planet to Earth, it grows into a massive carnivorous plant, and the clock strikes midnight it will devour any human around it.


At first, the plant resembles a red tulip. However, it starts to grow large vines from its stem and its flower petals turn into a mouth with teeth. The plant is able to capture humans with its vines and constrict them, it then knocks them out with a pollen that one of its buds sprays in the victim's face. The plant then presumably eats the victim.


Timmy Turner used his fairies to visit a place called the "Planet of Seemingly Harmless Plants", where he acquired a small flowering plant to give to Trixie. When she took the plant into her mansion home, when the clock struck midnight it began to grow at an alarming rate. It knocked Trixie unconscious with its pollen and tried to eat her heart, then Timmy showed up, battled the plant, and killed it by cutting its stem with a hedge clipper. The Plant first appeared in Class Clown and is likely never seen again, as it is currently deceased.


  • The plant resembles Audrey 2 from The Little Shop of Horrors except it is red and unlike Audrey 2, it has eyes.
  • The plant seems to have brainwashing powers, as it sprayed Trixie in the face, and when she regains consciousness, she berates Timmy for killing the plant instead of thanking him.
  • It is unknown why it is not part of Imaginary Gary's group on Unwish Island.

Seemingly Harmless Plant