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Scary GodParents
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Scary GodParents DVD
Series: The Fairly OddParents
Production Information
No. of episodes:
  4 (VHS)
6 (DVD)
DVD Release:
  August 30, 2005



Title card # Title Original airdate
Titlecard-Scary Godparents.jpg
"Scary Godparents" October 29, 2002
Timmy and his friend's Halloween costumes are terrible, so he wishes that everyone's costume was real. However, this wish transforms the popular kids into the evil Jack-O-Bots who begin a countdown to destroy Earth! Meanwhile, the Yugopotamians see the humans celebrating Halloween, and fearing an attack they launch an invasion of Earth.
Titlecard-Shiny Teeth.jpg
"Shiny Teeth" November 30, 2002
Dr. Bender rips out Chip Skylark's teeth, which stops him from singing, forcing Timmy to contact the Tooth Fairy to seek aid in recovering Chip's teeth.
Titlecard-Which Witch is Which.jpg
"Which Witch is Which?" November 11, 2003
While preparing for a town festival for the foundation of Dimmsdale, Timmy travels to the past to see the foundation, but he finds himself in trouble when a phony witch hunter accuses him of being a witch and the town believes him.
Titlecard-Timmys 2D House of Horror.jpg
"Timmy's 2-D House of Horror" May 10, 2005
Timmy wishes a boring 3-D movie volcano into a real volcano, but it erupts and destroys Vicky's house. With nowhere else to go, Vicky and her family have to stay with the Turner family until their home is rebuilt. Unfortunately for Timmy, his parents love their new friends so much they won't let them go, even if that means Mr. Turner re-destroying Vicky's house to force them to stay! Timmy must find a way to scare Vicky and her parents and drive them out of his home, or he could be stuck sleeping in Doidle's dog house!

DVD Bonus Episodes

These episodes are also featured on the DVD version:

Title card # Title Original airdate
Titlecard-Genie Meanie Minie Mo.jpg
"Genie Meanie Minie Mo" Janurary 17, 2005
Timmy Turner discovers a magic lamp revealing Norm the Genie. Since Norm offers to grant him three rule-free wishes, Timmy accepts, but getting what he wants might be harder than he expected.
Titlecard-Catman Meets The Crimson Chin.jpg
"Catman Meets the Crimson Chin" Janurary 17, 2005
Catman is depressed when he realizes that Dimmsdale doesn't appreciate his services as a superhero, so Timmy Turner takes him to the world of Chincinnati, giving Catman the chance to be the superhero he always wanted, whilst giving the Crimson Chin a much needed vacation. However, troubles arises when the Crimson Chin returns to reclaim his position as town superhero back, and Catman refuses to give up his place!


  • On the back cover, it shows a picture from "Kung Timmy", but that episode doesn't appear on the video, this could be because its sister episode (Which Witch is Which?) is included.
  • There's a similar version for this DVD, by Nelvana Limited.
  • This is the second DVD to have an episode with its sister episode, after Superhero Spectacle.

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