The leader of the Anti-Fairy Council: "We've assigned you an earthling named Vicky!"
Foop: [screams in terror] "Not her! She terrifies me!"

The leader of the Anti-Fairy Council: "The word of the council is final. One last thing, Foop. If you attempt to escape from Vicky or defy her wishes, your baba will zap you, like this." [Foop is zapped]

Mr. Turner: "Dinkleberg? No!!!"
Dinkleberg: "This is a great idea, Turner! Handcuffing us together is a wonderful way to build a neighborly bond!"

Foop: "Oh dear. Your neck is as scaly and cold as the skin of a serpent!"
Foop: "Nothing, nothing! You're a radiant angel! Mind melding now!"

Foop: "Boy, you have issues." [referring to Vicky]

Crocker: "Come on in! I was just pouring some lemonade, not for the dolls though, that would be creepy! So, what can I do you for?"
Vicky: "We need you to tell us how to catch Timmy Turner's fairies!"
Crocker: "FAIRIES! Well I'm an expert in that! If you define expert as someone who's never accomplished the one thing he set out to do!"

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