Scary Fairies is a fictional state which fairy godparents go into when they have more than 8 hours with no lights at all. They get a strong desire to eat their godchildren. They are the fairy version of the boogie-man. It has 3 different stages.


Stage 1 of 3


Stage 1

The godparent has turned into a scary fairy, they will develop razor-sharp teeth and pointed ears, along with messy hair. They just want to cook their godchild. Their insanity just goes into lying to their godchild and telling him or her they are healed.

Stage 2 of 3

The godparent is more grotesquely transformed now, developing pimples and elongated, bulging eyes, and their ears are more pointed than the first stage. They develop a greater will to kill their godchild such as colliding with him or her with numerous vehicles.

Stage 2

Stage 3 of 3

The godparent is fully transformed and now looks like a giant, furry bug monster. It just wants to grab his or her godchild and eat it raw.


It turned out Wanda invented the story of scary fairies to make Timmy learn that he should not scare Poof on purpose.

Stage 3

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