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World: Fairy World
Additional Information
  Dolores (clerk/pharmacist)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Chicken Poofs
Last Appearance:
  Chicken Poofs

Sav-Wand is a pharmacy located in Fairy World that sells cures and treatments to various Fairy-related diseases.


This pharmacy is located in Fairy World. Wanda and Dr. Rip Studwell travel here by first entering a temple in a jungle to retrieve a rare flower, and then escaping partly hostile natives to get to this pharmacy, although Dr. Studwell eventually reveals that they could have came straight here all along, but the flower they retrieved got him a 20% discount when he gave it to the pharmacist, Dolores.


The building is several stories tall, green, and resembles a supermarket in the inside. A sign with a wand in a herb crushing bowl with magic stars coming out is at the front of the store, the words "Sav-Wand" written underneath.


The name is a parody of "SaveUMore".

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