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Sanjay's Stepbrother
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: possibly 16-18
Eye color:       Purple
Personal Information
  United States military
Sanjay's family
*Sanjay's Stepdad (father)
Sanjay (stepbrother)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Oh, Brother!
Last Appearance:
  Oh, Brother!
Voiced by:
S. Scott Bullock

Sanjay's Stepbrother is the older step brother of Sanjay and the son of his stepdad. He is a soldier like his father. He likes to take Sanjay to school every time he misses the bus.


Not much is known about Sanjay's step brother other than his relation to Sanjay and that he is apparently a member of the military. He has only been seen in one episode.


Unlike Sanjay, he seems to have been born in America as he speaks perfectly pronounced English without an accent. He also doesn't possess the Indian skin tone the other members of his family have. This could mean his birth mother was white. He is only seen wearing a green military cadet style uniform. He appears to be very fit and athletic, although nowhere near the level of Tommy, which caused him to sulk and walk away. He has purple colored pupils.


During the episode, "Oh, Brother!", Sanjay and Timmy Turner ended up missing the morning bus to school. Sanjay's step brother appeared and gave Sanjay a lift to school, by literally picking him up and jogging him there, as well as holding his juice box for him like a cupholder. Later, when Timmy's friends meet his wished up older brother Tommy, Sanjay's step brother and A.J.'s robot brother become amazed by Tommy and want to be his younger brother too, but Tommy says he is only there for Timmy, causing Sanjay's step brother to walk away sadly. He has not been seen since.

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