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Sammy Sweetsparkle
Sammy Sweatsparkle.png
Gender: Male
Species: Sweetsparkle
Age: Probably immortal
Eye color:       Purple
Personal Information
Chloe Carmichael
Timmy Turner
Denzel Crocker
Foop (formerly)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Love Triangle
Last Appearance:
  Certifiable Super Sitter
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin

Sammy Sweetsparkle is one of Poof's Classmates from Spellementary School that first appeared in the episode Love Triangle.


He is known for his overly-happy personality and high-tuned voice. He enjoys sweet things and has the power to turn sour things sweet. School of Crock shows that the name of his race is "Sweetsparkle."


He wears a cone hat that is two shades of blue, with a yellow star on the tip. He has large, purple eyes and large eyelashes, and his hair is blonde and low cut. As he is normally seen at school, he is mainly seen in his uniform.

Powers and Abilities

Sammy's power is to turn things sweet. An example of this is when he turned a sour lemon into a sweet juicy lemon (while sparkles appeared above it when he used his power). He also has a Sparkle Stick which he presumably uses to make his powers work better, just like a Fairy Wand.


Foop has a strong dislike towards him, shown when he poofed Sammy to Jupiter in Love Triangle where he was eaten by a Jupiterian Cyclops, but Poof saved him. In Two and a Half Babies, Foop threw a scorpion at Ms. Powers, then poofed scorpions into Sammy's pocket to blame him for it. At the end of the episode, he broke Sammy's egg, making him fail the school project that the episode was about, which made Sammy cry.

In School of Crock, Foop now hangs out with him, shown when Poof told Foop that they want to be friends and Foop declined, wanting to hang out with Sammy because he was a bad boy now.

While Sammy is no longer a bad boy as of Certifiable Super Sitter, he, Poof and Foop seem to still all hang out together. his was the episode to introduce his Sparkle Stick, the item he uses to carry out his magic. In this episode, all three of them visit The Turner's House for Spring Break from Spellementary School, where Chloe Carmichael ends up babysitting them after Cosmo and Wanda manage to get lost. However, Vicky comes and starts babysitting instead after finding out Chloe came in on her turf. Sammy offers to add sweetness to the cookies Vicky makes. She agrees, but then Vicky eats them all for herself. She treats all the children badly and uses Sammy as a table for her drink. Near the end of the fight, as Chloe prepares to fight Vicky, Sammy tells her to break Vicky like a 2x4 meaning he has a little bad boy in him.

Sammy Sweetsparkle