Sacred Silver Sharpener
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Parent Hoods
Destroyed In:
Parent Hoods

The Sacred Silver Sharpener is a sacred sharpener seen in the episode Parent Hoods.


The Sacred Silver Sharpener is a silver electric pencil sharpener that rests on a sky blue pillow on a marble podium with a spotlight shining over it. It is on display in the North American Museum of Pencil Pushing, located in Niagara Falls. Although it is a very valued object, it seems to be lazily guarded with easily-distracted security guards and simple traps to dodge. Even the riddle one has to answer to open the door to the sharpener is easy to solve.


The Sacred Silver Sharpener appears only in the episode Parent Hoods. Trying to get The Turnbaums arrested so his parents, who were mistaken for the Turnbaums, could be released, Timmy lures the criminals to steal the Sacred Silver Sharpener, having them dodge several pencil-related traps and obstacles. They are eventually arrested after Timmy deflates their getaway inflatable raft, and for his courage, Timmy as well as his parents are rewarded with a free trip to the museum. Unfortunately, as Mr. Turner is about to sharpen his pencil with the sacred pencil sharpener, he knocks it over and it shatters on the ground, much to the Canadians' fury. They end up arresting Mr. Turner once again for his clumsy deed.

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