Welcome to the S0-S4 section of episodes! Here, you can look through the Oh Yeah! Cartoon shorts (Season 0), season 1, season 2, season 3, and season 4! Here's the history of those episodes!

Oh Yeah! Cartoons! (AKA Season 0)


Cosmo and Wanda in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons logo.

This season started in 1998. Timmy (back then voiced by Mary Kay Bergman, voiced by Tara Strong after her death in 1999) has a mean babysitter, Vicky. She makes him to stay out of Vicky's way, go to bed early, and do the dishes and Timmy told her that his mom told her to do it. In fact, she makes him do about everything she has to do! It makes Timmy angry and he threw the Magic 9-Ball in his room after it said Titanic: Director's Cut and the ball split in half and then came forth Cosmo (same actor, but has a low voice) and Wanda. Then it went on to 1999, then 2000, then the last episode in 2001. This had 10 episodes, shortest amount of episodes in this section of pages. Starts with The Fairly OddParents! (episode) and ends with Super Humor.


Cosmo and Wanda as Reindeers in "Christmas Everyday!"

Season 1

This season started a week after the last Oh Yeah! Cartoon short. This season has not have very much episodes as it has 13 episodes. Starts with The Big Problem! and ends with Christmas Everyday!

Season 2


There are 24 episodes in this season, more than season 1 and Oh Yeah! Cartoons COMBINED! Starts with Boys in the Band and ends with Scary Godparents (Halloween special).

Season 3



There are 31 episodes in this season. Starts with Ruled Out and ends with Snow Bound

Season 4


The last section of the S0-S4 page has 28 episodes (29 including the first Jimmy Timmy Power Hour). Starts with Miss Dimmsdale and ends with School's Out!: The Musical (not including Jimmy Timmy Power Hour).


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