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Rocco Da Recycler
Gender: Male
Species: Fairy
Hair color:       White
Eye color:       Red
Personal Information
  Owner of Rocco's Recycling
  Fairy World
  Fairy World
  Unnamed Friends
  Big Daddy
Production Information
  "Big Wanda"

Rocco Da Recycler, also known as "Big Rocco", is a rival of Big Daddy Fairywinkle and the owner of Rocco's Recycling.



In a meeting of some of the employees of Big Daddy's Trash Removal, after Wanda, who is temporarily the owner after Big Daddy disappears, makes a few changes to the board room, Piero Fairywinkle tells Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma that they have to talk business. He then takes out a remote and presses a button, which causes an image of a heart next to Wanda to switch to a board with pictures of Big Daddy's competitors. Piero explains that the rivals are trying to get a piece of the business because of Big Daddy's disappearance. Wanda tells the other members of upper management that they will have to teach them a lesson in fashion and reveals a new uniform.

Later, somehow, Timmy Turner, who, with Cosmo Cosma, is trying to figure out who kidnapped Big Daddy, learns that Rocco is one of Big Daddy's rivals. Timmy and Cosmo travel to Rocco's Recycling to confront Rocco. Timmy, using a battering ram he wished for, busts through the doors to find that Rocco is playing cards with a few friends. They get angry and use their wands to blast Timmy, who leaves burnt.

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