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Robot Vicky
Gender: Female (design)
Species: Robot/Android
Personal Information
  Inside a video game
  Final Boss
One Bad Babysitter
  Devouring the "twerps" in her level
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Power Mad!
Last Appearance:
  Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin
"Looks like I'm having three helpings of twerp for dinner!"
— Robot Vicky

Robot Vicky is a robot version of Vicky who appeared as the final boss of the video game that Cosmo and Wanda created in "Power Mad!".


She is a giant robot that is modeled after Vicky. She also appears in the online game Power Surge as the final boss as well. She is the boss of the final level in a super challenging video game that Timmy wished for, her battle stage is the living room the Turner's house.


The robot bears a resemblance to Vicky in both appearance and personality. It is covered in spikes and can use its rear end as a steam roller to crush ("baby sit") hapless twerps. After she is defeated, the robot melts into a puddle and the game ends. She is never seen in this form again, except as a boss in Enter the Cleft! and Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy (the latter alongside a robot version of Mr. Crocker), and although another Vicky Robot appeared at the end of Channel Chasers, it is not the same one. Robot Vicky is also seen in the Nickelodeon Fairly Oddparents online game Power Surge as the final enemy to face (In this game she is called Mecha-Vicky).


Robot Vicky first appears in "Power Mad!". After battling through several stages, Timmy Turner and his friends make it to the final stage of the wish-created video game Cosmo and Wanda put him inside of. The end-stage is an exact replica of Timmy's living room. However after Timmy realizes that his helmet is still on and that the three friends are still in the game, the room suddenly turns red and a massive crack splits open the living room, Robot Vicky emerges from the burning chasm and stomps on Timmy, Chester, A.J. easily, leaving all three with only one life left to defeat her. She then threatens to "babysit" her rear end is a steam roller with spikes on it and chases Chester and A.J. with it until Timmy sacrifices his last life to save them (A.J. notes even though it's was virtual it was still cool). This gives Timmy enough points for a "free man" (1up) and he returns. Chester and A.J. distract Robot Vicky while Timmy goes for a "Cosmo Coin", which causes Cosmo to appear; Timmy then wishes for a way to make her go away. Timmy's parents suddenly appear in the game and tell Vicky she's finished for the day and she can go home now, causing her to scream and melt into a puddle, defeating her for good.



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