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Cosmo: Gah! Timmy! Come back!!!

A.J.: You're rich?
Chester: Nope.
A.J.: Let's walk!

Remy: I got conked on the noggin by this handsome purple coconut and then I remembered everything, including you!

Remy: Yes! My plan has work!
Cosmo and Wanda: Remy?
Timmy: Buxaplenty?

Mr. Crocker: Hawking! I checked the math, 2 + 2 isn't five, it's six! SIX!!!!

Remy: Hello Chester, A.J., Timmy...

Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda, I'm so sorry...
Juandissimo: Not so fast!

Cosmo: Not so fast!
Wanda: Cosmo don't tell me this was all your plan.
Cosmo: I said "Not so fast!" I can't follow any of this! Now which one's Remy again?
Wanda: Goodbye! (whacks Cosmo with her suitcase)

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