"Hello Chester, AJ, ...Timmy."

[after buying out a theater's tickets] "Oh, please! They're not for you unseemly urchins. I need all the extra seats for my piles of money."

[reading the rules of the magical duel] "Winner gets to keep his godparents, and loser, and by loser I mean Turner, forgets he ever had them."

"Hey there, little fella. You remind me of a long lost friend or something. Oh well, who wants turtle soup!!?"

"Was this a scavenger hunt or did we just do your grocery shopping?"

"I prefer Master Supreme Commander."

"Now that I'm in charge, there are some new rules. First, the Squirrely Scouts will now be called the Remy Scouts."

"Second, as Remy Scouts, you're here to serve me and ONLY ME! Any questions!"

"What's not to believe? What Remy wants, Remy gets."

Timmy: Listen up, Buxaplenty! You can't just go around buying people!
Remy: Oh?
Timmy: That's right. The Squirrely Scouts aren't for sale!
Remy: Five hundred bucks says they are.

"Prepare to lose, Turner!"

"No! I never lose! I'm too rich to lose!"

Remy Buxaplenty

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