Titlecard-Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
Remy's first appearance. Remy continuously beats Timmy at everything. He even appears in places that he could haven't gotten into through money. Timmy soon finds out Remy is more neglected than he is and he has a godparent who is Wanda's ex-boyfriend. Remy soon finds out Timmy has godparents and wants to get rid of them before Timmy uses their magic to make him richer. When the two confront each other, Remy tries to bribe him with money, but Timmy refuses and he points out Remy is still miserable despite being rich and having a godparent. When Timmy claims he is happier than Remy and has godparents, an insulted Juandissimo tells Remy to do so. And Remy calls a magical duel. When both children get tied down, Timmy wants this to end, but Remy refuses since Timmy has godparents and real parents that love him while he doesn't have that. Out of pure luck, Timmy wins and Remy loses Juandissimo. Feeling bad for Remy, Timmy wishes that Remy and his parents spent more time together. This makes them end up on a deserted island, but Remy wishes to warm up to his parents. Remy then finds Juandissimo as a turtle, but due to him forgetting Juandissimo, he decides to cook him for turtle soup.
Titlecard-Remy Rides Again Remy Rides Again
In Remy Rides Again, Remy apologizes to Timmy for his behavior towards him. Then, Remy's diabolical plot is a success when Cosmo and Wanda try to leave Timmy and the purple coconut that bonked Remy's head is his fairy, Juandissimo Magnifico.
Titlecard-The Big Bash The Big Bash
In The Big Bash, Timmy and Remy face each other for the items that are found through time and Space. Remy got the Banana, the container full of Astro Drink, and the Danish from 18th-century France. But he got the Jewels of Peru when Timmy got the 100% Peruvian Coffee Beans which is the real Grande Treasure of the Peruvian Pyramid. The two make a truce and sends the ones from time and space to get revenge on Cupid. Timmy gives Remy an omelet and Remy gives Timmy a glass of Astro Drink.
Titlecard-Operation FUN Operation F.U.N.
In Operation F.U.N., Remy captures Cosmo and Wanda with his butterfly net.
Titlecard-CountryClubbed Country Clubbed
Remy and his family invite the Turners to the "Fancy Schamcy Country Club".

Mentions / Cameos

Titlecard-Escape From Unwish Island Escape from Unwish Island
Remy doesn't appear on this episode, but his name appears on the Fairy World Unwish Storage.
Titlecard-Teachers Pet Teacher's Pet
Remy Buxaplenty does not appear in this episode, but is mentioned when Timmy Turner tracks Mr. Crocker to the Buxaplenty mansion, who is there to kidnap Juandissimo, who is mentioned to still be Remy's fairy godfather.
Titlecard-TurnerBackTime Turner Back Time
Remy himself doesn't appear in this episode, but his ancestor, Orville Buxaplenty, is seen.


Remy Buxaplenty

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