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Ray DeLaurentis
Personal Information
Born Rayfield Michael DeLaurentis
December 29, 1958 (1958-12-29) (age 61)
Occupation Writer/Story Writer/Producer
Years active 2008-present
Spouse(S) Diane Franklin (1986 – present)

Rayfield Michael "Ray" DeLaurentis was a writer/co-writer/story writer/story co-writer/story editor/co-producer for 32 episodes since season 7. He started on the show by co-writing "Anti-Poof". His first story writing position appeared in "Add-a-Dad", where he co-wrote the story with Butch Hartman. His first solo writing episode was "Mice Capades". He has one episode that he solo wrote the story to, which is "Timmy's Secret Wish!". He co-produced "Dinklescouts", "I Dream of Cosmo", "Turner & Pooch", "Dumbbell Curve". and "Fairly Odd Fairy Tales". This was not the first time he wrote an animated series as he co created and co wrote the infamous Bubsy cartoon pilot that failed to be greenlit into a series.

Outside of the Fairly OddParents, Ray DeLaurentis also worked on Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!.

After the series was cancelled, he later moved on to be a writer on Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty.


Episode Position
Anti-Poof Co-Writer
Add-a-Dad Story Co-Writer
Mice Capades Writer
Super Zero Co-Writer
Timmy Turnip Story Writer
Chicken Poofs Co-Writer
He Poofs He Scores Co-Writer
Teacher's Pet Co-Writer
Balance of Flour Co-Writer
Please Don't Feed The Turners Co-Writer
Dad Overboard Co-Writer
Crock Talk Co-Writer
Operation Dinkleberg Co-Writer
Love Triangle Co-Writer
Invasion of the Dads Co-Writer
When Losers Attack Co-Writer
Meet the OddParents Co-Writer
Timmy's Secret Wish! Story Writer
A Fairly Odd Christmas Story Co-Writer
Fairly OddPet Co-Writer
Turner & Pooch Co-Writer
Dumbbell Curve Co-Writer
The Terrible Twosome Co-Writer
Scary GodCouple Co-Writer
Finding Emo Co-Writer
Dust Busters Co-Writer
The Bored Identity Co-Writer
Dog Gone Co-Writer
Cosmonopoly Co-Writer
School of Crock Co-Writer
The Past and the Furious Co-Writer
Snack Attack Co-Writer
Love at First Bark Co-Writer
Weirdos on a Train Co-Writer
A Perfect Nightmare Co-Writer
Man's Worst Friend Co-Writer
Fairly Old Parent Co-Producer
The Fairy Beginning Co-Producer
A Fairly Odd Summer Story Co-Writer
The Big Fairy Share Scare Writer
Whittle Me This Writer
Mayor May Not Writer
Girly Squirrely Writer
Birthday Battle Writer
The Fair Bears Writer
Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S. Writer
A Sash and a Rash Writer
Fish Out of Water Writer
Animal Crockers Writer
One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest Writer
Booby Trapped Writer
Blue Angel Writer
Marked Man Writer
Clark Laser Writer
Which is Wish Writer
Nuts & Dangerous Writer
Fairy Con Writer
Spring Break-Up Writer
Dimmsdale Daze Writer
Cat 'n Mouse Writer
Chip Off The Old Chip Writer
Space Ca-Dad Writer
Summer Bummer Writer
Hare Raiser Writer
The Kale Patch Caper Writer
Dadlantis Writer
Chloe Rules! Writer
Crockin' The House Writer
Tardy Sauce Writer
Knitwits Writer
Dimmsdale's Got Talent Writer
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