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Rainbow Bridge
Fairy World Bridge.jpg
World: Fairy World
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Temp!
Destroyed In:
School's Out!: The Musical
Fairly Odd Baby

The Rainbow Bridge is a colorful bridge that connects to Earth, only walkable by Fairies, and/or kids with Fairy Godparents.


Unlike normal rainbows, they are solid and walkable.


It has the colors of apricot, teal, hot pink, purple, and mint. When the Pixies turned it into a bridge it only had shades of grey.


In the episode Pixies Inc. Pixies take over Fairy World and the rainbow bridge gets cut off leaving only a pixelated bridge. During Fairly Odd Baby, Poof nearly destroyed Fairy World and the rainbow melted, but it was restored at the end. It was also destroyed in Abra-Catastrophe by Jorgen Von Stangle. A nameless fairy tells Jorgen that destroying the bridge wasn't necessary because most fairies simply fly over it or teleport straight to Fairy World. Jorgen then states that he likes destroying the bridge. In School's Out!: The Musical, the bridge fades away, but is restored at the end.


  • It has shown up in many episodes that show Fairy World.
  • It's a possible reference to the Bifrost from Norse Mythology.

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