• Queen Jipjorrulac: You wouldn't have to destroy this planets if you don't stop for directions.
  • King Gripullon:: Silence. I'm still the king around here.
  • Queen Jipjorrulac: King of getting lost.

  • Cosmo: They're beautiful, I mean gasp(literally)
  • Timmy: Well, here's go nothing, really. (Timmy leaps in the fields of flowers)
  • Queen Jipjorrulac: Amazing, the flowers touch his skin but it neither bleeds nor burns!
  • Timmy: Tah-duh? (the Yugopotamian guards gasp)

  • Yugopotamian Chief: Behold the second task, you must hug the galaxies cutest and softest teddy bear!(yugoptamian guards gasp)
  • Cosmo: You can do it Timmy.
  • Wanda: The fate of the Earth depends on it.
  • Timmy: O all right (hugs teddy bear which talks "I love you." which causes the yugopotamian guards to gasp and their transparent helmets to break)
  • Queen Jipjorrulac: I don't understand. He didn't burst into flames!
  • King Gripullon: Never fear my queen, not even the mightiest warriors survive the final task.

  • Queen Jipjorrulac: We will talk to Mark, we'll settle things straight, just don't eat the chocolate again! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Queen Jipjorrulac

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