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Presto Change-O
Season 5, Episode 29
Titlecard-Presto Changeo.jpg
Prod. Code: 75B
Premiered:  (2005-10-06)October 6, 2005
Copyright: 2005
Wish: Body-swapping Joy Buzzer
Headgag: Fish
Story by:
  Deirdre Brenner
Kevin Sullivan
Written by:
  Kevin Sullivan
Storyboard by:
  Maureen Mascarina
Directed by:
  Ken Bruce
Art Direction:
  Ernie Gilbert
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
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I'm Gorgeous!
Mr. Turner as Denzel Crocker[src]

Presto Change-O is the twenty-ninth episode of Season 5.


Timmy wishes for a Body-swapping Joy Buzzer that allows him to swap bodies with whoever he touches or whoever touches him. Wanda is hesitant to grant the wish at first since Timmy wants to use it to swap bodies with A.J. and cheat on a test, but she must grant the wish anyways when Cosmo rushes her to Fairy World to help take care of Mama Cosma, who has caught the 9-Hour Flu (and is so sick that she thinks she likes Wanda). Now Timmy is without his fairies and he accidentally switches his body with Mr. Crocker's, he must get his body back before Crocker tricks Cosmo and Wanda into revealing themselves to him!


The episode begins when Timmy wishes for a spin-like device that allows him to switch into someone's body. He thought of using it to switch into AJ's body to cheat on a test. Then he used the buzzer to switch into more people's bodies. Second, he did Francis and beat him up, and switched into Timmy again. Mr. Crocker saw that Timmy was happy and touched his hand, soon they switched bodies. Timmy (aka, Mr. Crocker) made a plan to go into Timmy's room to find his fairy godparents. Timmy (as Mr. Crocker), tried to go home first. First, he got thrown out. But then he switched bodies with his dad, then his mom, then Vicky, then Doidle, then Crocker again. With Mr. Crocker in Doidle's body, Timmy throws a steak out of his window and Crocker jumps out the window to get it. Then Cosmo and Wanda return and Timmy knows he has a lot of explaining to do but promises to wish everyone back into their own bodies later. Crocker sees Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda and angrily yells "Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark!" and the vet shows up listening to this saying "You sure have a lot of energy, little guy! I guess we'll have to fix that again." He catches him and and takes him away. Then the police find Mr. Turner still in Mr. Crocker's body. One of them cries out, "There he is! I recognize him by the tattoo and the kidney scar!" and the cops begin chasing him, causing Mr. Turner to scream and run away from them yelling "Curse my beauty!". Then the episode ends with Mr. Turner's voice yelling out "I'm gorgeous!".


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