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A.J. explains a chart showing the make up of Dimmsdale Elementary's student social groups.

The Popular Kids collectively refers to the most popular children at Dimmsdale Elementary School. This group consists of two girls, Trixie Tang and Veronica, and two boys, Tad and Chad.


They sit at a special table in the cafeteria with a violinist and a bouncer to repel unpopular students like Timmy Turner. They also have private bathrooms, as well as a VIP section on the school bus with a Jacuzzi. They have a chart which sums up the students of their school. Timmy and his friends make up the "Other", the lowest of the chart. According to the chart, all of the rich students are popular besides A.J. since he is too smart and geeky. Sometimes the popular kids as a whole seem to be followers of Trixie, while in other episodes such as "Movie Magic", Trixie is shown to be influenced by what Tad and Chad like. Therefore there is no known hierarchy in this group, although they all seem to mistreat Veronica. After Season 6, only Trixie seems to have emerged from the groups unscathed as her friends she was introduced with rarely appear on the show anymore aside from brief background appearances and mentioned. In Season 9 Trixie is friends with Timmy and this may confirm that popular kids groups were removed.

The Bouncer

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The Bouncer is a burly man who first appeared along with the popular kids he protects in the episode "A Wish Too Far!". His purpose on the show is to simply toss Timmy and other unpopular students into the garbage when they try to talk to popular students like Trixie.

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