Poppyseed Avenue
Genre: Children's/Educational/Preschool
Channel: 295
Visitors: Timmy Turner
Future Timmy
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Poppyseed Avenue is a television program that appeared in The Fairly OddParents television special, "Channel Chasers".


This show is a parody of the children's education PBS Kids (also on HBO) program Sesame Street, a famous and long-running program aimed at a young audience that has been airing since 1969 which is created by the late Jim Henson and is still running today. The characters who all appear are hand puppets instead of muppets, unlike its counterpart.


This show is the nineteenth show visited in "Channel Chasers", after Timmy Turner wished for a Magic TV Remote that allowed him to travel through television as if the programs were real worlds. While chasing Vicky through television channels, Timmy Turner, his future self, Cosmo, and Wanda ended up in this television show. Vicky, appearing as a puppet, strolled by the screen, telling the audience that the episode was brought to them by the letter "V". Timmy and his party then follow her, themselves also puppets. Cosmo jokes to Wanda that he has never felt better (since he is now a felt-puppet). To enter the next television program, the puppets are seen being tossed into a paper television screen, with a real hand to pull them in for the puppets that didn't get tossed in all the way. They then move on to Maho Mushi where the two fight.

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