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"Mama, dada!"

"Poof! Poof!"

"Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!"

"Vroom, vroom!"

"Night, Night!"



"Gaa, gaa."





"Bling Bling!"






"Woosh Woosh!"



"Hide and Seek!"

"More! More!"



"Wooo! Wooooooooo!"

"More. Good! MORE!!"




"Eghh! Mommy! Daddy!"

"More brownie!!"

"Poop, poop."

"Yo, man. This gonna be so cool man. We're going to be bumpin', man. Tryin' to help the boys out. You know how we do it. You feel me, dawg?"

"God bless us, everyone!"


(in a deep voice) "Poof, poof"

"arggagaga poof, poof!"

"hehe poof, poof!"

"Timmy...buddy...I love ya, but you gotta lose the pink hat."

"Just kidding! This is my real voice!"



"Your plan to absorb the magic from all my friends, and Foop, has failed! You get an F, Mr. Crocker!"

"And now that I can talk, I got a bunch of things to say."

"Mom, no more string beets."

"Dad, stay away from the oven."

"No problem, Foop! Do you think we can be friends now?"

(with Cosmo's voice) "Hey, guys! This is the best party ever!"

"Why don't you read me a story, until you fall asleep? Then I'll watch TV."

Wanda: "Poof, it's time for bed."
Poof: "Not tired!"

"I ate 11 pounds of chocolate! I'll probably be awake until Easter! (sudden pause) Then I'll get more chocolate!"

"I dribble in two ways."

"I brought some friends home! Well, one friend and one harbinger of doom. It's gonna be HUGE!"