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James: It's prunes! That's good for your colon! [Poof poofs up prunes.]

Timmy: I'd prefer to play... [throws an arrow at Cosmo] this!

Cosmo: ...Bullseye!

Cupid/ Tooth Fairy / Juandissimo: A party, what kind of party?

Mr. Turner: Oooh! I love Dr. Bill's at home defective parenting tests!
Dr. Bill: Does your despondent child say "I'm busy" a lot?
Mrs. Turner: Oh Timmy, we're taking Dr. Bill's--
Timmy: I'm busy!
Dr. Bill: Do they use a lot of paper towels, spend too much time alone in their rooms, and say "Don't bother me?"
Timmy: I'm just gonna take these paper towels up to my room alone, so don't bother me.
Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Oh, no! We're bad parents!

Timmy: Great, you listen the colon kid but not me?

Jorgen: No no Poof, that's my binky!

Mr. Turner: Let's play croquet now with this squishy green ball! [holds up baby Cosmo].

Mrs. Turner/Mr. Turner: Yay! Playdate powers, activate!
Timmy: A strange but powerful show.
Timmy: Now I'm dead. You're all mad because I turned you into babies.
Cupid: No, we're mad because we never got to finish our flapjacks!

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