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Poof's Classmates
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Fairies (Poof only)
Anti-Fairies (Foop only)

Magical Sprites

Age: Around Poof's age
Personal Information
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Spellementary School
Last Appearance:
  School of Crock
Voiced by:
Boys: Eric Bauza

Girls: Grey DeLisle

Poof's classmates are the other students that attend Spellementary School with Poof and Foop.


Poof's classmates seem to all love him and think he's cool, and also generally find Foop either scary or very uncool. The class is not always consistent, but generally consists of Leprechauns, elves, and lawn gnomes.

Notable Classmates

  • Foop, an anti-fairy baby; as Poof's opposite he is hated and despised and he uses his magic to poof anywhere or zap people (his and Poof's magic are the only magic known so far that can be used defensively).
  • Sammy Sweetsparkle, referenced as a SweetSparkle in School of Crock; his magic is turning anything (or possibly anyone) sweet.
  • Goldie Goldenglow, a triangular magical creature; unlike Poof and Foop she actually has a normal wand. The only time she displayed magic was when she poofed Poof's Mr. Cookie costume to Foop.
  • Sheamus the Leprechaun, a magical (but short) Leprechaun with an irish accent and a beard at the age of 5. One of his notable powers is that he can create a rainbow through farting. He showed it off once after slamming his walking stick on the ground, and another time by clapping. He may have more than one power evidenced by saying he wasn't done when told to sit down.
  • Eddie Elf, a magical Elf. His power is making shoes out of anything, as seen when he hammered a wooden block into clogs (a wooden type of shoe).

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