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The Poltergeeks were a ghost-hunting team from the 1980's, which consisted of two members code-named "Mom" and "Barnaby", who were actually Mr. and Mrs. Turner respectively.


They are a ghost hunting team that are not very good at their job, due to the lack of ghosts, but a few decades later a bored Mr. and Mrs. Turner revive their ghost hunting career, and with the help of Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof posing as ghosts, they were able to achieve better success.

The Poltergeeks were introduced in their namesake episode, "Poltergeeks". Before Timmy Turner's parents gave birth to him, they were ghost hunters in the city of Dimmsdale in the 1980s. However, due to the lack of existing ghosts, they did not succeed in doing much besides trashing people's houses. Chet Ubetcha eventually exposed them as frauds, and Mr. and Mrs. Turner gave up their ghost hunting ways.


Timmy Turner decided to help his parents overcome their boredom by reviving their ghost hunting career. By using his fairy godparents to pose as ghosts, they would haunt houses around Dimmsdale until the residents called the Poltergeeks for help. Mr. and Mrs. Turner were able to make a lot of money this way. However, one problem they could not simply throw money at was Chet Ubetcha, who was still convinced the Poltergeeks were frauds.

In order to prove themselves to Chet Ubetcha and his skeptical followers, the Poltergeeks would appear on television and catch ghosts in the mysterious McCreep Mansion. However, things were complicated when Mr. Turner reveals he bought "ghost catching" equipment from Mr. Crocker, which is really equipment for catching and grinding up fairies. Mr. and Mrs. Turner catch Cosmo and Wanda as planned, but the new equipment prevents them from escaping, and they are placed in a Fairy Chipper, a device which can grind them to dust. Poof sees his parents in danger and transforms into a massive monster, freeing Cosmo and Wanda from the chipper and knocking it onto the Poltergeek's car as they are trying to escape along with an apologetic Chet Ubetcha, injuring all of them.

In the hospital while receiving medical attention, Mr. and Mrs. Turner decide to call it quits. They lost the money they earned from their ghost hunting career on medical bills. However, when they see Cosmo bounce by with a fishbowl stuck to his head, they mistake him for an alien and decide to become alien hunters as the episode ends.


  • The Poltergeeks are a parody of the Ghostbusters, a team of ghost hunting specialists who employ devices similar to what Mr. and Mrs. Turner used.
  • The car the Poltergeeks ride in looks like a DeLorean, a car which is famous from the movie Back to the Future, and has appeared several different times throughout the series.
  • Mr. Turner's hairstyle in the Poltergeeks team is similar to the Marvel superhero, Wolverine from the Marvel comic book series, X-Men.

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