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Poke Eye the Longshore Man is an old black-and-white cartoon described by Timmy as: "The most graphic display of virtuous, yet non-inimitable violence I've ever seen!" In fact, it is so violent, TVs will explode after viewing it for a little while. It is a parody of Popeye.

Outline of the Show

The show is about a longshore man named Poke Eye, who whenever is confronted by a problem, he eats a can of beets to become extremely strong and use violence as the answer.

The show is a parody of Popeye the Sailor, a series of cartoons made by the Fleischer Studios and Famous Studios between 1933 and 1957. These were released by Paramount Pictures (which is owned by Viacom and which owns Nickelodeon). 109 shorts were made by the Fleischer Studios until Paramount renamed the studio to Famous Studios in 1942. 122 cartoons were produced by Famous Studios (Paramount Cartoons) until 1957. Most of the Fleischer Cartoons and the 1st 14 Cartoons by Famous Studios were made in Black & White (between 1936 and 1939 the Fleischer's produced three two-reel Technicolor "Popeye Color Features"). The Remaining Famous Studios Cartoons were made in Technicolor (a strike at Technicolor during 1947-49 forced Paramount to release 13 cartoons in Cinecolor and 11 cartoons in Polacolor). To this day Paramount has the original negatives of the color Popeye cartoons (when the Cartoons were sold to A.A.P for TV Distribution part of the deal was that Paramount would retain the rights to re-release the cartoons in theaters). Reissues continued until the 1965-66 season. The following season Famous Studios (renamed Paramount Cartoon Studios in 1956) was closed by Gulf Western and its last cartoon was released on December 31st, 1967.