Pointy Crown
World: Fairy World
Production Information
First Appearance:
  This Is Your Wish
Last Appearance:
  Timmy TV

The Pointy Crown is a five-star restaurant in Fairy World. Mostly only wealthy fairies afford to eat there, and it displays many famous fairies on its walls, such as Jorgen Von Strangle.


It is a restaurant that also has a stage where the show, "This Is Your Wish" is hosted.


It looks like a Fairy crown. It has two doors with a star on each. It also has two trees and an awning above the doors with a star. It's also a parody of the Brown Derby restaurant in Los Angeles.


  • Timmy Turner, Cosmo & Wanda - They went to the Pointy Crown over three times. One time was when Mama Cosma invited them for dinner, instead, leading them to a show in the Fairy World TV show 'This is Your Wish!'.
  • Jorgen Von Strangle & the Tooth Fairy - Jorgen Von Strangle invited Timmy to the Pointy Crown to forcefully pull his buck teeth (apparently treasured by the Tooth Fairy) to replace a wedding ring, asking the Tooth Fairy for marriage. The Tooth Fairy poofed into the Pointy Crown and saw him, and stated that their current relationship was over.
  • Mama Cosma - She got a reservation in the Pointy Crown and decided to bring Timmy and his godparents around, only to try to get Cosmo away from Wanda and Timmy, once again thwarted, by seeing a bunch of comedic videos, that nearly obliterated Wanda.
  • Simon Sparklefield - Fairy World's number one TV star: Timmy Turner and Simon, the director paid a visit to the Pointy Crown. Timmy Turner signed the contract but he didn't bother to read it, so his Fairies nearly ended up replaced. Although he found a funnier person, also known as Denzel Crocker.


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