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  • This episode aired in Poland on June 2, 2011, before airing in the USA.
  • First appearance of Dark Laser since "Wishology!"
  • This is the only appearance of Dark Laser in Season 7.
  • A sea monkey's eye color is like Cosmo's, Wanda's, and Poof's eye color. His father's eyes are colored green, his mother's eyes are colored pink, and the child's eye color is colored purple.
    • In the episode "Crocker of Gold," one of the options of the wheel of destiny was sea monkeys.
  • In this episode, Doug Dimmadome's hat's top already was shown.


  • "Please Don't Feed The Animals" - The title is a reference to the sign, which is often put in zoos.
  • Star Wars: A New Hope - When Timmy blew up the Death Ball on a spaceship, it is a reference to Luke blowing up the Death Star.
  • Tilikum - Orcatron is a spoof of Tilikum, nicknamed Tilly. He gained infamy for killing his 3rd trainer at Seaworld Orland in 2010.
  • Head On A Stick - It is a parody of Hot Dog on a Stick.
  • Doomingdale's - It is a parody of Bloomingdale's.
  • Battlestar Galactica - The fighters in the Death Ball's hangar resemble the Colonial Viper from the Battlestar Galactica TV series.

Running Gags

  • Characters being electrocuted by the forcefield.
  • People wearing masks (the kind for acne removers, etc.)
  • People mentioning the eleventeenth time Timmy destroyed the Death Ball.
  • Timmy's Parents pretending to suffer to Dark Laser so that they can get what they want.


  • When Timmy throws the fish bowl The castle moves, however in any other episode, this wouldn't happen.
  • Cosmo and Wanda are willing to be separated.
  • When Cosmo says "Head On A Stick," the captions (if on) say "H*ll On A Stick."
  • In Latin America, Dark Laser said that he needs "100 Million Death Dollars". Even though the word on the counter is Billion.
  • When Timmy wishes his parents were out the death zoo Cosmo's long sleeve is missing.

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