• Cosmo: We have to eat beets?! NO!!!

  • Foop: Hello Auntie Wanda and Uncle Idiot. I mean, Cosmo.

  • Foop: Hello, Clarice. I mean, Jorgen.

  • Foop: Boy, you are one annoying cleaning lady!

  • Timmy: Poof's right! This is a bad idea!

  • Foop: Time for a playdate with Poof...the playdate of doom!

  • Wanda: Timmy you have to trust Jorgen, he's got everything under control

  • Wanda: For making Foop cry, you lose a good baby star!

  • Wanda: Oh no! The cradle is a vortex of doom, Poof is telling the truth!!

  • Wanda: Poof, I'm sorry if I'm didn't believe you. Can you forgive me?
  • Poof: Poof poof! [hugs Wanda]

  • Cosmo: I told you beets were dangerous!

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