Queen Jipjorrulac: You know, sometimes I feel everyone takes advantage of my kindly, queenly nature.
King Gripullon: Ridiculous, no does that that.
Mark: Mom! 'Sup. I've come to totally take advantage of your kindly, queenly nature and brought my clean laundry for you to dirty up!

King Gripullon: Bon bon, bon bon, BON BON!
Mark: Laundry, laundry, LAUNDRY!

Wanda: Cosmo, what are you doing in the vacuum cleaner?
Cosmo: Vacuuming, duh

King Gripullon: Now I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer-
Cosmo: Nope, that one's in my spleen
King Gripullon: -but I'm beginning to think that the emperor isn't saying what you're saying he is saying

Wanda: Nuclear Nacho, here we go!

Mark: This is so fake! he's no emperor! He's just Timmy turner's little bro-
(Queen Jipjorrulac pushes Mark as he hits the stairs on the way down)
Mark: Ow uch ouch ow uw ou ow ouch

Poof: Vroom vroom.

Queen Jipjorrulac: The Emperor says to give Timmy and his friends a playdate with Heather!
Timmy: Who's Heather?
Queen Jipjorrulac: She's Jeremy's older sister. She's a teenager, so she's extra cranky!
Heather: I am so extra cranky!

Timmy: Mark Chang?
Mark: No dude, I'm just a hologram of myself.. hologram.

Queen Jipjorrulac: You just want some attention don't you? and so do I
Poof: Poof poof!
Queen Jipjorrulac: People of Yugopotamia! contemplate your new emperor!

Queen Jipjorrulac: The emperor's not going anywhere! Guards!

Timmy: Tornado powers activate!

Timmy: Okay Poof, let's play..

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