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This article is about the location. For the episode, see Pixies, Inc..

Pixies Inc.
World: Near Earth and Fairy World
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Head Pixie
  Head Pixie
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Pixies Inc. (Transformed Fairy World)
Fairly Odd Baby (Actual Homeworld)
Last Appearance:
  Fairly Odd Baby

Pixies, Inc., is the magical realm that the Pixies reside in and rule over.


Pixies Inc, like Fairy World, resides above the clouds. Compared to Fairy World, Pixies Inc. is very dull in color, and much more blocky/geometric in appearance. It is made up entirely of skyscrapers, and other large buildings, resembling a large city.

In Pixies Inc. and School's Out!: The Musical, Pixie Inc., only appears in the form of a transformed version of Fairy World. It doesn't appear as it's own entity until Fairly OddBaby, which is its final appearance in any form in the series.


Fairy World as Pixie's Inc.

In its debut episode, "Pixies Inc." was actually the transformed/changed Fairy World. The Pixies "personalized" it after buying it from the fairies. Timmy later challenged HP to a game of miniature golf, in which he would get one rule free wish for winning (If he lost, he would lose Cosmo and Wanda). Timmy ultimately defeats HP and wishes for Fairy World to be put back in control of the fairies again

In the episode "Wish Fixers", the Pixies work for a company of the same name, in a square-shaped building located in Fairy World. They pressure Timmy into signing a contract to join their program to help him stop making bad wishes, but it turns out to be a plan to try and get him to wish Fairy World back into control of the Pixies. A model of a Pixie Inc. Fairy World is shown by Head Pixie during this episode. Timmy is able to get out of the contract after finding a loophole within it without turning Fairy World over to the Pixies.

Fairy World after being taken over again by Pixies in School's Out!: The Musical

Fairy World was successfully taken over by Pixies yet again in "School's Out!: The Musical", after Head Pixie and Sanderson's "37 year plan" to take over the world using Flappy Bob. This time, it is renamed to "Pixie World - A Division of Pixies Inc." This seems to imply that the Pixies do in fact have their own homeworld (this appears to be the first time that this is referenced). After Timmy is able to prove to Flappy Bob that the Pixies were only using him for their plan to take over Fairy World and Earth, Flappy Bob is able to find a loophole in a contract he signed that ultimately forces them to set everything back to normal.

The Pixies' actual homeworld appeared only in "Fairly Odd Baby". The episode also shows the Pixies' central headquarters.




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