• This episode introduces the Pixies, their leader Head Pixie, and his sidekick Sanderson.
  • This is the first episode where Fairy World was taken over as part of the entire plot.
  • This is the first episode where Chad appears without Tad. The second will be Just the Two of Us!
  • It is revealed that Cosmo really likes rice as a side dish.
  • Head Pixie is shown to have quite a talent for mini golf...and cheating.
  • Apparently Pixies only take wishes if they are written down since they're not free spirited as Fairies. They also reject any wishes if they believe if it is too much fun.
  • This was the very first and only episode where Fairy World was bought out entirely by another magical world, in this case, Pixie's Inc.
  • There is a fairy in the background that looks like the First Reassignment Fairy.
  • This is the only episode where Flipsie appears without Dark Laser.


  • The Fairly OddParents theme - The ringtone of Cosmo's cell phone is the Fairly OddParents theme song.
  • Monsters Inc. - The episode's title and the Pixies Working Company "Pixies Inc." sounds similar to the Pixar movie.
  • Wall Street Journal - The newspaper Cosmo and Wanda read "Wand Street Journal" is a spoof of the "Wall Street Journal".
  • Caddyshack - At the mini golf course, Jorgen bounces on a pogo stick and shouts "I'm alright, nobody worry about me!". These are the opening words to the Kenny Loggins song "I'm alright" made for the movie "Caddyshack" which is set on a golf course.


Running Gags

  • Characters mentioning or referencing rice.


  • Wanda's eyes changes throughout the episode.
  • When the “17 holes later” timecard appears, it is wrong. This is because since the miniature golf course has 18 holes, when Timmy and HP clear Hole 1, it is impossible for them to play Hole 19 after clearing the next 17 holes. It should be when they reach Hole 18, they should have been cleared the next 16 holes after clearing Hole 1 in this course.


Cosmo and Wanda: Hey Timmy!

Wanda: Why the long face?

Cosmo: And why the long teeth? Oh yeah, genetics.

Head Pixie: Noooooooo! (vanishes)

Sanderson and other pixies: Noooooooooo! (vanish)

Timmy and Wanda: They made you Vice President!?

Cosmo: Rice president, actually.

Cosmo: (A Pixie shows up with rice) Yep, that's rice alright!

Cosmo: (referring to Timmy) Well, he may not be the perfect side dish, but he is my godkid.

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