Pirate Stadium
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
  Dimmsdale Pirates
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Odd Pirates
Last Appearance:
  Chicken Poofs

Pirate Stadium is a name of the stadium where the local professional baseball team, the Dimmsdale Pirates, play their games. Both are similar to the Park PNC Park in PA Pittsburgh, PA and Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates


This stadium is located on the outskirts of Dimmsdale and is the home stadium of the local baseball team the Dimmsdale Pirates. Their games often generate huge crowds and cause traffic jams leading all the way up to the Turner's House which is miles away from the stadium.


The stadium is a giant gold/gold colored circular baseball stadium with a large video screen outside in the parking lot. Inside are the stands which face a baseball diamond.


This stadium first appeared in Odd Pirates when every person in town except Timmy was going to one of the games. When Timmy accidentally wished real pirates into Dimmsdale, they immediately started heading toward this gold/gold colored stadium that was filled with gold painted people because they thought it was real gold. Timmy pleaded with the Pirates baseball players to held drive off the pirates, and they started fighting the invading real pirates with baseball bats and balls.

The stadium then appeared again in Chicken Poofs where it was hosting another game. Poof wandered in here and sneezed on everyone, infecting them with the chicken poofs and turning them all into chickens. All of the people-turned-chickens fled the stadium, where they were rounded up by Doug Dimmadome and brought to his Chicken Dippin' Dippadome to be cooked. They were eventually all saved and turned back to normal when Poof was cured.


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