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Percy (Unofficial)
Squirrely Scouts Season 9 Kid.png
Gender: Male
Species: human
Age: 10 (possibly)
Eye color:       blue
Personal Information
  Timmy Turner
Chester McBadbat
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Who's Your Daddy?
Last Appearance:
  Dimmsdale Tales
Voiced by:
Maddie Taylor

Percy is a member of the Squirrely Scouts who first appeared in the Season 4 episode, Who's Your Daddy?. He doesn't appear again until Season 9 when he gets bumped up to a major role.


In Dinklescouts he tells Mr. Dinkleberg about the bad things that happen to them whenever Mr. Turner is in charge of their camping trips. This includes being mauled by bears, or hitting an iceberg while rafting. He is shown to be a klutz and has many allergies on top of his nerdy voice and look.

His speaking roles involve him complaining a lot about their uncomfortable situation. In both Season 9 episodes, he also complains about being allergic to something, and experiences some form of pain.


Like the other scouts, he wears the Squirrely Scout uniform. He also wears large, circular, thick rimmed glasses. His hair is dark brown and curly and he has a round head. His voice sounds somewhat nasally.


He is a Squirrely Scout who appears in Who's Your Daddy, at the end of the episode cheering with other Squirrely Scout members. He is shown confusedly cheering at Mrs. Turner thanking her lawyer for allowing her to be there, with the other scouts.

He returned in the episode, Dinklescouts where he was mainly used as exposition, explaining to Dinkleberg all the plights that happened to them while Mr. Turner was their Squirrely Scout Leader, or commenting on Dinkleberg's time as a Scout Master.

He returns again in Dimmsdale Tales, again voicing the views of the other Squirrely Scouts and being expository, talking about how cold and dark they all were due to Mr. Turner not packing anything substantial for their camping trip. When Timmy wished for a luxury hotel to appear for them all to spend the night it, he complains that he is allergic to luxury hotels.

Percy (Squirrely Scout)