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Vicky (Vic after wish)
Gender: Female (before wish)

Male (after wish)

Species: Human
Age: 16
Personal Information
  Vicky's family (possibly)
  1930's Dimmsdale

Timmy Turner

  Robbing, kidnapping
  Steal Timmy and Pappy's money
Vicky (possible ancestor)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The "Good Old Days!"
Last Appearance:
  The "Good Old Days!"
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin

Peg-Foot Vicky (Later Peg-Foot Vic) is a villain from the 1930's version of Dimmsdale that Timmy Turner and his grandfather, Pappy, were wished into in the episode, The "Good Old Days!".


Peg-Foot Vicky is an outlaw, as shown from a WANTED poster on the wall of the soda bar that Timmy and Pappy visited. The animal inhabitants of the bar all know and fear Vicky. She kidnaps Pappy, hoping to extort money from him and Timmy. She is possibly another ancestor of Vicky the Babysitter, or Grandma Vicky herself.


This version of Vicky appears in a black and white cartoon, so it's impossible to accurately determine much about her hair color, but it can be assumed that it is red like Vicky's. She wears a beat-up looking hat, a striped shirt, and patched up overalls. Her name comes from her left foot, which is a wooden peg with a skull decal on the bottom. She also has a patch over one of her eyes. She also occasionally spits out a chewing tobacco substance that bursts into flames when it hits the ground.


After Timmy wished himself and his grandfather into a 1930's version of Dimmsdale, they were able to spend a lot of money because Timmy brought twenty bucks with him, which was worth a lot more back then. They were able to attend a Chippington Skylark show in a soda bar, and while dancing and spending money, they were spotted as "swells" by Peg-Foot Vicky, who kidnapped Pappy and easily pushed Timmy aside. Peg-Foot Vicky wanted to tie Pappy up to train tracks, but other villains had taken up all the room, so she took him to an abandoned sawmill instead. When she saw how slow the saw was moving, she realized why it was abandoned, and Timmy arrived in time to stop her. This time, Timmy used beets like in the Poke Eye the Longshore Man cartoon Pappy had shown him to free Pappy. Timmy goes to give Peg-Foot Vicky a beating of a lifetime, but Pappy stops him from beating up Peg-Foot Vicky because she was a girl and girls can't be beaten up in 1930's cartoons, so Timmy wished her into a boy, the only noticeable difference was that her ponytail (and breasts) disappears. After a beating from Timmy, Peg-Foot Vicky is knocked into the saw which comes loose and chases her into the sunset before being blinded by directly looking at the sun.


  • Peg-Foot Vicky is a parody of Pete when originally known as Peg-Leg Pete.
Peg-Foot Vicky