Party of Three!
Season 0, Episode 4
Titlecard-Party of Three
The best type of party
Prod. Code: 004
Premiered: January 2, 1999
Wish: Candy for his party, Mud race, Rollercoaster
Written by:
  Butch Hartman
Storyboard by:
  Bob Boyle
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Party of Three! is the fourth episode of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts.


When Timmy enjoys wild wishes, Vicky gets proof. She hopes to show the proof to his Dad and Mom. How will Timmy protect his secret?


Mr. and Mrs. Turner decide that Timmy can be alone while they are away. Timmy wishes for some party things. He didn't know that Vicky is spying from a tree. She called his parents so that they would return and see what he is doing. When they arrived they only saw Timmy reading a book. They went away again.

Next, Timmy wished for a roller coaster

Enjoyable Excitement.

. Vicky photographs the proof and gets splattered by mud. She phones his parents again, and hopes to show the picture when they will arrive. Timmy heard them coming so he wished the picture should change into Dad's underwear. Mr. and Mrs. Turner are annoyed with her. Mrs. Turner hugs him and sees food on Timmy's teeth. Vicky takes a huge toothbrush to wipe out the food.

Giant toothbrush.

Cosmo and Wanda start brushing their teeth.


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