Mr. Turner: Blah, blah, blah. A lot of water falling, we have that at home.

Timmy: They're getting away!
Mr. and Mrs. Turnbaum: We're getting away!

Mrs. Turnbaum: There's no way to open this door.
Mr. Turnbaum: The only way to get in is to solve the Riddle of the Sacred Silver Sharpener! "Although I'm far from the point, I don't make mistakes, I fix yours"?
Mrs. Turnbaum: Uh, motor oil?
Mr. Turnbaum: Grab cakes?
Mrs. Turnbaum: Green beans?
Timmy: What? How stupid are these people?!
Cosmo: Maple syrup, Canada's #1 export?
Timmy: Oh, for the love of...(yelling) ERASER!!!

Other Men: Aah!! Female!!!

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