Pappy Turner
Pappy Turner
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 70s-80s
Hair color:       White
Eye color:       Boston Blue
Personal Information
  Turner family
Ebeneezer Turner (paternal grandfather)
Grandma Turner (wife)
Mr. Turner (son)
Timmy Turner (grandson)
Tommy Turner (future great-grandson)
Tammy Turner (future great-granddaughter)
Gertrude (possible sister)
Gertrude (possible sister-in-law)
Mrs Turner (daugther-in-law)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The "Good Old Days!"
Last Appearance:
  The "Good Old Days!"
Voiced by:
Daran Norris
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Mr. Turner, more commonly known as Pappy, is Timmy's paternal grandfather, father of Mr. Turner and father-in-law of Mrs. Turner. He is the one who caused Timmy to have his signature buck tooth by letting him suck on his pacifier too much when he was a baby.


Pappy first met Timmy when he was a baby, while Pappy was supposed to be watching him his senility caused him to forget where he is and wonder where he was, causing Timmy to develop buck teeth by sucking on a pacifier too much. Ten years later, Pappy returns to babysit Timmy again while forgetting he was responsible for Timmy's buck teeth.


Pappy has a large white beard, glasses, and he wears what resembles a Civil War-era American army uniform. He carries a cane to help him walk. Pappy generally despises the habits, music, and cartoons of younger generations. Pappy likes the cartoons of older generations and appears to have a great amount of knowledge about everything that happens in old cartoons.


When Pappy came to babysit Timmy, he was extremely boring and did not like all the younger people stuff Timmy was doing. However, a glimpse of Captain Green and the Eco-Teens led Pappy to complain about how watered down new cartoons are, and how the cartoons in his era were much more violent. Realizing that he and Pappy shared a common interest in cartoons, Timmy decided to explore this further. With the help of Timmy's fairies, he and Pappy were able to go on a fun adventure in 1930's Dimmsdale. Pappy then explained to Timmy all the things that would occur in old cartoons during the adventure. Pappy had such a great time that he eagerly tried to tell Mrs. Turner about it, who deemed that Pappy had gone senile and was no longer fit to babysit Timmy. It is unknown where his wife is. Pappy felt sad that he would no longer have fun with Timmy, but they decide to spend their last moment together with a little 1930's style dance.

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