Pain In The Brass
Season Webtoons, Episode 5
Titlecard - Pain in the Brass
Premiered: 2001
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Pain in the Brass is the fifth episode of the Crimson Chin Webtoons.


The Brass Knuckles is on a crime spree and wants to finish it off by finishing off his rivalry with the Crimson Chin in a boxing match.


The Brass Knuckles has been on a large crime spree, and has decided to top it off with a 10-round wrestling match against Crimson Chin and Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder to settle their rivalry, once and for all.

Boxing ring with brass

The Webtoons Announcer, who appears as the referee of the match, kicks off the fight. The announcer was punched by the Knuckles while giving the announcement, which inspired the Chin to attack. The Chin tried to defeat the Knuckles but was beaten up. Cleft reached into his Utility Cleft and took out a magnet. He used it to attract the Knuckle's fists to his own head, making the villain punch himself in the face. He then stuffed the magnet into his stomach, making him beat himself up even more.

Cleft's magnet

Now completely defeated, the Chin and Cleft send him off to jail. However, like the others, the villains were waiting for him. AT this point, Cleft and the Chin started wondering if this was all a part of a larger plan and where Doctor Robot has been all this time.

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