Outskirts of Dimmsdale
Outskirts of town
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Odd, Odd West
Last Appearance:
  A Sash and a Rash

The Outskirts of Dimmsdale is an area at the very edge of the city, but unlike the Dimmsdale Beach, is located inland.


It is a location on the edge of the city, with many places often being deserted as relatively few people are out that far. Wild animals can be found, wandering around. However, many businesses are present, showing that enough people go out there for a business to be able to survive.


Outskirts of town 2

The Outskirts in Anchors Away

In its first appearances, it was depicted as a flat, desert-like area, with rocks, cacti and tall rocky mountains. This area was shown to be very far from the middle of town. Tumbleweeds can even be seen passing by.

In its most recent appearance, a part of the Outskirts much closer to Dimmsdale was shown, where the ground is covered in grass and there are a lot more rocks, shrubs and trees. wild hyenas seem to roam this part of town, and many animal bones can bee seen, presumably picked clean by the hyenas.

Areas of Interest

  • Dimmsdale Flats
  • The Outskirts of Town - A store that sells a variety of skirts, according to Cosmo
  • Outskirt Steakhouse - A restaurant that has secretly replaced their steak with turkey, causing their customers to fall asleep. The restaurant is assumed to be shut down.
  • Outskirt Zoo - A zoo where monkeys helped escaped dangerous animals and pick pockets


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  • While many other places in the series have had what looks like similar locations, there is no way to confirm if they were actually within Dimmsdale city limits, to count as being a part of the Outskirts.
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