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Orange Collection is a downloadable digital DVD available on iTunes. It was released on December 3, 2012 and contains two episodes from season 3, two episodes from season 4, two episodes from season 6, four episodes from season 7.


Your wish has come true with this episode-packed collection featuring Timmy Turner and his laugh-inducing fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda, and their baby, Poof. So sit for a spell while Jorgen orders Timmy to learn to make harmless (and responsible) wishes, Mark Chang runs from the altar (and his warrior bride-to-be) and settles into life as a regular earth kid (who lives at the Dimmsdale dump), Timmy runs away and goes to work in a carnival, The Sandman is on the brink of disappearing when Timmy wishes no one had to sleep, Timmy loans Cosmo and Wanda to Tootie for her birthday, Adam West gets to go back in time to the childhood he never had, Poof and Crocker are up to no good, and Timmy and Vicky are turned into battling mice, Cheesy and Sleazy! It’s wishes of the most silly kind, with this Fairly OddParents collection.