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  • This episode reveals that Timmy Turner cost Officer Shallowgrave his job in the episode "Go Young, West Man!".
  • Remy Buxaplenty and Timmy Turner's truce from "The Big Bash" is broken by Remy in this episode.
  • This is the last appearance of Remy Buxaplenty until the Season 9 episode "Country Clubbed". This fact plus his behavior (trying to destroy Cosmo and Wanda ) during this episode led many to believe that Juandissimo was taken from him. However, the episode "Teacher's Pet" reveals that Remy still has Juandissimo as his fairy godparent.
    • In any case, this is the last Remy and Juandissimo's onscreen interaction.
  • This is the last appearance of Shallowgrave until Tons of Timmys.
  • In one scene, Juandissimo poofs up a meal for Wanda, which Cosmo eats and obviously enjoys. That means that Juandissimo's culinary skills have improved.
  • In this episode, Remy is more evil than in his previous appearances, since while in his first appearances he is just an idiot trying to take the fairies away from Timmy only out of jealousy, in this episode, Remy tricked Timmy, Chester and AJ for go to a military school for troublemakers for fun, this leads Remy to be a real villain unlike previous episodes.



  • When Timmy, Chester and A.J. run inside the F.U.N. Academy, the A turns pink for a few seconds.
  • When the F.U.N. Academy shows what F.U.N. means, it says, "For Unruly N'er-Do-Wells!". Then when it shows it again, it says, "For Unruly Ne'er Do Wells" without the hyphens and exclamation point.
  • In this episode, Juandissimo's belt is white, not purple.
  • A.J. has 3 arms instead of 2 while pressing the buttons.

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