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  • The Tommy Turner in this episode is not to be confused with Timmy's future child, Tommy. This is possibly where the name may have come from. "Tommy" is also a name that characters often misinterpret Timmy's name as.
  • The Cream Puffs make a reappearance. Tootie is revealed to be a member of them, although they are doing ballet instead of girl scout related activities in this episode.
  • This is the first and only time Tootie rejects Timmy.
  • This is the last appearance of Tootie in Season 5, she will not be seen again until Dread N' Breakfast.
  • This is also the last appearance of Nicky and Vicky and Tootie's Dad in the series.
  • When Tommy was unwished, he should have been sent to Giant Unwish Storage along with the other unwishes instead of Tibecuador.
  • This is the first time in which Vicky and Tootie do not appear on screen together.
  • Despite his reaction to having to woo Tootie (heaving), Timmy actually seems quite happy when he sees Tootie falling in love with him again though he might just be happy that he didn't have to go to Tibecuador. 


Running Gags

  • When one of Timmy's parents tries to be hip they throw their back and the other parent then states to the former parent they're old.


  • When Tootie appears at her door with facial cream and her hair in roller pins, the color of her hair bands are purple (like her glasses) instead of their usual teal blue.
  • Why did Timmy bother singing the love song outside Tootie's house if he already knew she was at her ballet pageant?
  • How can Tootie's crush on Tommy be considered true love? They are at least eight years apart in age in which case it can be possibly classified as idolization at the greatest degree.
  • When Timmy enters the auditorium to see the pageant, the people who are sitting behind Timmy are random attendees, but once the first clapping scene comes, those random attendees turn into Tootie's parents.

Production Notes

  • Although this episode along with "What's The Difference?" were aired in 2005 in the USA, they were produced in the same year according to the credits.

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