• Timmy: [flatly] Hey Tootie, these are for you! [tosses Tootie flowers] Do you love me again?
  • Tootie: No, but I can donate these to the hospital Tommy just built! Mwahaha!

  • Timmy: [singing off key] And so Tootie, can't you see? That's why you should love... MEEE!
  • Vicky: I do! I do mystery singer!

  • Timmy: See those tiny pink hearts? Tommy out, Timmy in!

  • Mrs. Turner: Eww. You're old.

  • AJ-5000: Without Tommy I am nothing.. [explodes]
  • Cosmo: Wow! My wife thinks Tommy's dreamy.
  • Wanda: Well it is important to pay attention to hygiene. And do a few ab crunches. And get on a treadmill!
  • Cosmo: Hello! No arms! No abs! Fish! (poof face in Tommy Cosmo)
  • Wanda: Aah!
  • Mrs. Turner: Ow, my hip!
  • Mr. Turner: Oh, you're not hip anymore, you're old!

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