The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"Odd Jobs"
Season №: 3
Episode №: 26A
Airdate: January 27, 2003
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "Odd Jobs" from season 3, which aired on January 27, 2003.


[SCENE: Day at the Dimmsdale Elementary School auditorium during Career Day, Principal Waxelplax on stage.]

Waxelplax: I wish to thank all the parents who donated their time in making this the most amazing career day ever! Woo! [claps heard in background] Who would've thought we'd actually have parents who are wrestling stars, race car champions, and astronauts!

Astronaut Mother: [Exiting Spaceship] Free moon rocks for everyone! [Throws moon rocks at audience]

Audience: Yay!

Timmy: [sitting in audience near AJ, A.J.'s Mom, Chester McBadbat and Bucky McBadbat; all holding moon rocks] Ha! That's nothing! Wait 'till they hear what my dad does!

Waxelplax: Next up, to tell us about his amazing career, Mr. Turner! Woooo! [audiance claps; Mr. Turner enters onstage with pencils in hand]

Mr. Turner: Hey, kids! My name is Timmy's dad! I'm what you might call a pencil pusher! And I brought free, really pointy pencils for everybody! Catch! [Throws pencils into audience]

Audience: [screams; one man yells "My eye!"; audience then boos]

Mr. Turner: Hey, if you don't like the pencils then I'll take them back! I work with pencils all day and they've never hurt me! [audience throws pencils at Mr. Turner] Until today! Pencils! Why have you betrayed me!

Audience: [Laughs at Mr. Turner while Timmy seems upset]

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