North Pole
World: Earth
Additional Information
  Santa Claus
Mrs. Claus
Jeff the Elf
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Christmas Every Day!
Last Appearance:
  Space Ca-Dad (cameo)

The North Pole is the frozen arctic ice shelf that Santa Claus and the elves under his employ work. This place first appeared in "Christmas Every Day".


This part of the world is frozen all year round, although there is strangely a paved road that is not covered with snow running through the ice shelf to Kringle Inc. The reasons why there is no snow on the paved road is still unexplained. When Chester got Norm as a godparent, he wished for it to be warm in the North Pole, so that the animals are not freezing. This backfired however and the Polar Ice Caps started to melt due to the warm heat. This wish was undone by Chester with his last genie wish which returned the North Pole to how it was before Chester found the lamp.

Kringle Inc.

Santa's improved workshop.

A large factory where Santa Claus and his elves manufacture toys for Christmas. The building is a large gray corporate looking building with a flashing "Kringle Inc." sign on the side. Nearby, the original version of Santa's workshop can be seen, dwarfed in comparison to the rest of the structure that expanded out from it.


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