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  • Norm is stated to hate the country of Canada for some reason ("They've had it too good for too long," he claims in his debut episode). Ironically, both of Norm's voice actors (Norm MacDonald, his original voice actor and who he's named after, and Robert Cait) are originally from Canada--MacDonald's from Quebec City, Quebec while Cait's from Toronto, Ontario.
  • Despite appearing in only three episodes and not having appeared on the show in more than ten years, Norm's a fairly popular character with a relatively large fanbase.
  • Norm was the only genie that went on "Fairy Idol."
    • Norm hasn't made an appearance in the series since "Fairy Idol."
  • In every episode that Norm appeared in, Mr. Crocker appeared in as well. However, Back to the Norm was the only one of the three in which he actually had a starring role.
  • In "Fairy Idol", Norm is voiced by Robert Cait instead of Norm MacDonald who did not return to reprise his role, presumably because of scheduling reasons.
  • Norm is likely named after his original voice actor, Norm MacDonald.
Norm the Genie